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Bus Scrolls in Colour


Bus scrolls and tram scrolls in colour. We have a selection below to give you some ideas of what is available.  We print our bus scrolls and tram scrolls in ANY COLOUR you wish.  You can use the samples below, or choose your own. When accurate colour is a must we recommend choosing your tram scroll in our standard canvas.  We will print colour on all our fabric types, however our canvas is the only fabric that will reproduce 99.99% accurate colour.  When choosing colour for accuracy, we recommend selecting your colour from a Dulux paint sample - not from a computer screen though as colours always look different when displayed through computer screens that have not been professionally calibrated for colour.


Bus Scrolls in Bronze Bus Scrolls in Red Bus Scrolls in Beige
bus scrolls - brisbane - bronze- traditional bus scrolls - brisbane - red bus scrolls - adelaide  - beige2


Bus Scrolls in White Bus Scrolls in Blue Bus Scrolls in Multi-Colour
bus scroll sydney - white1 bus scroll sydney - blue1 bus scrolls - bands of the ages - coloured


* One small word of caution, when choosing your new bus scroll colour every computer screen views colours differently.  Our monitors have been specially calibrated so that the colour we see is the colour we print.  The colour you see in the sample design proof we send before printing your order may look slightly different on your computer screen to the actual bus scroll when it arrives.

If the exact colour is essential, one way to overcome this is to send us the colour code (RGB or # value) and we will use this colour in your new coloured bus scroll. Also for the most accurate colour reproduction of your tram scroll we recommend you choose canvas as your fabric type. Tram scrolls when printed on our canvas give a better colour reproduction than our clean skin or Belgian linen tram scrolls.