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New Moderna Style!

Introducing a new style into our range - Moderna. The Moderna style is a contemporary take on the classic bus and tram scroll designs.moderna tramscroll Our Moderna style uses destinations or words to create a structured chaos of design and meaning for your world.  The design also uses many more destinations or words then our standard bus and trams scrolls.

Where our traditional and contemporary bus scrolls and tram scrolls work best with between 10 - 15 words on our standard small, large and xtra large sizes, the Moderna design utilizes a massive 40ish words.  This is a great bus and tram scroll design to choose when you have lots and lots of destinations that you want included in your design.

The Moderna design is sized to our standard bus and tram scroll sizes of small (50 x 100cm), large (70 x 140cm) and extra large (90 x 180cm) and can be produced using the same bus scroll and tram scroll fabric types of clean skin, canvas or Belgian linen.  Due to the complexity of the Modern design there is an addition design fee applied to this style of only $55.


europe moderna

europe moderna - colour





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